Ground Covers for Horticulture


A complete range

BonarAgro offers a whole range of ground covers for professional horticulture. There are black ground covers for container fields, white ground covers for light reflection in greenhouses, crop clearance fabrics, covers for water tanks and water distribution nets.


Black ground covers:

PhormiSol 100 is a black ground cover with orange lines or squares (100 R) with excellent weed resistance. Its rigidness makes the fabric suitable for use on greenhouse soil and for less intensive outdoor use. The thermal fixation of the yarn ensures minimal shrinkage, whilst the unique structure guarantees optimal water permeability and minimises the risk of ponding.

Weeds stand no chance with PhormiSol 137, a black ground cover with green lines or squares (137 R) which allows an efficient arrangement of plants. The unique woven structure adds extra strength, making it ideally suitable for intensive indoor or outdoor use. The thermal fixation of the yarn ensures minimal shrinkage.

The well-draining PhormiSol 137 K is woven using a unique open structure. This guarantees improved water permeability and excellent drainage properties. The fabric fits perfectly on well-draining substrates and is therefore highly suitable for use on lava beds and other highly draining subsoils. The thermal fixation of the yarn limits shrinkage to a minimum.

This also applies to PhormiSol 200 GK, but this fabric is extra strong and therefore able to cope with heavy work traffic.

PhormiPlant is a ground cover that comes with pre-punched plant holes. This allows the pots to remain in contact with the soil. This fabric is always made to measure, so different patterns and diameters are possible. Its strength makes PhormiPlant extremely wear resistant.

White ground covers:

Especially for light sensitive crops, Bonar has developed the white ground cover PhormiFlex: a fabric with strong reflective properties to gain the maximum benefit from daylight and assimilation light. PhormiFlex offers an extra boost to the quality and quantity of your production. The anti-UV treatment together with an increased sulphur resistance ensures an extra-long lifespan.

PhormiFlex WeedBlock shows a unique combination of light reflection and increased weed suppression. The white upper side of PhormiFlex WeedBlock reflects the light so that the total amount of light reaching the crops increases significantly. The black downside blocks the light to a great extent, resulting in a minimal chance on weed growth.

Crop clearance fabrics:

Crop clearance fabrics are used for mechanical clearing of the greenhouse. They are woven to the working widths of the crop clearance machinery and have reinforced edges. This makes them durable and able to cope with the pulling power of these machines.

GreenTrans White, used with light-sensitive crops, can be left down for the whole season due to the high level of reflectiveness.  This fabric also exists in a black version (GreenTrans Black) for non-light-sensitive crops and is usually not left in the greenhouse during the season.

GreenTrans White High Force is stronger and recommended for lengths of more than 130 metres.

Water distribution nets:

AquaFlux is a nonwoven fabric composed of unique polyester/polyamide fibres. Polyamide guarantees a highly efficient distribution of irrigation water over the cultivation floor or table, whilst polyester brings the required mechanical strength to the fabric. AquaFlux allows for uniform results across the entire cultivation area.

Where greater mechanical strength is required (for example, to withstand heavy traffic on the cultivation floor), AquaFlux High Capacity is the ideal solution. AquaFlux HC also has a higher buffering capacity.